Monday, 18 May 2015

CSK Rocks! The incredibly surprising IPL Facebook Fandom map

Facebook has mapped the fans of each of the eight IPL teams across India — and Chennai are the Super Kings when it comes to ruling the social media website.
While the map shows that every team is the most supported team in their home states — in those which don't have a representative team, CSK seems to be getting all the love. When you consider that most people love a winner and CSK is the winning-est team in IPL history, this is not a surprising result.
Everybody loves CSK. BCCIEverybody loves CSK. BCCI
But there are some surprises too. For example, more people in Delhi like the Chennai Super Kings than their home team, which probably explains their morose performances. It gets worse for the side — the Daredevils do not have a plurality of fans in an Indian district; and in Gurgaon, the Mumbai Indians are the most popular among Facebook users. Basically anyone with internet access and who is on Facebook prefers another team to the Daredevils.
The map was created by the Facebook Data Science team — each district is color-coded based on teams. The database is also quite large - a Facebook press release added that from 1 April through 10 May, 26 million people had nearly 250 million Facebook interactions around IPL.
In India, 19 million people had nearly 200 million interactions.
Check out the fandom map attached with this article — and oh — while you're at it, don't forget to go and like the Delhi Daredevils Facebook page.
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